Regional Development Fund of Region of Western Greece, (Lead Partner)
Address: ΝΕΟ Patron-Athinon 32 & Amerikis, GR-26441, Patras
Tel: +30 2613 613690
Fax: +30 2610 461126

Brief profile of RDF-RWG

The Regional Development Fund of Region of Western Greece (RDF-RWG) is a special service of the regional authority. It was founded in 1998 at the seat of the State Region of Western Greece by virtue of the article 53, Act 2218/94. In 2011, RDF-RWG was affiliated to the local government of Region of Western Greece by virtue of the article 190, act 3852/2010.

The RDF-RWG is administered by its President (the Head of the Regional Authority) and the Management Board (MB). All MB members are appointed by the Head of the Region.

Aim and Competences

RDF-RWG’s objective is essentially based on its services to the development policies of the Region. More particularly, the main aims and competences of RDF-RWG are:

• The management of credits of the Public Investments Programme, the management of financing of public sector bodies and other legal entities, and the management of financing of European Commission, International Organisations and other foreign bodies with respect to the regional and other special development programmes of the region, according to the decisions of the regional council.

• The reinforcement of the regional planning, monitoring and assessment of the regional policy.

• The provision of technical assistance to the Region, which implies the conduction of researches, elaboration of studies and surveys and the implementation of Programmes that are assigned to the Fund.

Organizational Structure

RDF-RWG is comprised of four (4) main departments, which are staffed with highly qualified personnel with long experience in regional planning, financial administration of investments and project management.

The four departments have as follows:
– Department of Financial Management of Investment Programmes
– Department of Scientific-Technical Support & Programmes Implementation
– Department of Financial Services
– Department of Administrative Services

The staff members are either public servants seconded from the regional authority or recruited through public recruitment process.

Technical Experience

Acting as the account holder of the major part of the Regional Operational Programme of Western Greece, RDF-RWG manages on the average more than 40 Million Euros annually, which sums up to over 500 individual investment projects.

Furthermore, aiming by its constitution at regional development, RDF-RWG has a vast experience in implementing innovation projects and capitalizing the European experience in the Regional Operational Programme. During the past programming periods RDF-RWG has participated in more than 30 European collaborations in different Programmes and Frameworks (e.g. Greece-Italy, MED, South East Europe, Interreg IVC, FP6, FP7 and IEE/CIP).

Moreover, RDF-RWG has successfully undertaken networking activities for the promotion of the regional authority in international fora and exhibitions (e.g. Innovative Regions in Europe Network, organization of CPMR meeting in Patras, participation in World Tourism Exhibitions, etc.).