egov_INNO project aims at the improvement of the utilization of customized e-government services for business (e.g. for innovative startups), proposing effective and feasible G2B e-government applications tailored to the needs of the participating regions leading to better governance and faster delivery of services to the local private sector.

The project will deliver a set of important innovation support and management tools for specific areas of economic interest in Western Greece and b (e.g. agro-business, tourism/culture, Information and Communication Technologies).

The cultural communities, the business relations and the tight sea-bonds of the two areas (Western Greece – Puglia Region) enhance the demand for close cross-border cooperation in the field of innovation support and management in both territories.

This project is a common challenge for both Regions. Each partner region has its own experiences and different readiness level in the field of e-government for business with emphasis on SMEs. Getting them in a common level towards the creation of a common innobarometer, is for the benefit of the private sector since it can lead to the creation of a common administrative environment allowing enterprises to operate, collaborate and innovate easier.

egov_INNO is expected to contribute overall to supporting strategic cross-border co-operation for a more prosperous and sustainable economic environment across the Ionian Sea providing important means to deliver innovation support services from regional governments.