Due to the COVID-19 related measures in Greece and Italy, both conferences are postponed. For new dates and format please consult the section of the two venues of the conference

The regions of Western Greece and Puglia are co-hosting a two-venue conference aiming to provide the members of the higher education and research community, as well as practitioners,with the opportunity to share their findings,experiences, and ideas, in a friendly and intellectually stimulating environment. The event consists of keynote and invited speeches, panel discussions, academic paper sessions (oral presentations and poster presentations).

The topics cover all issues regarding entrepreneurship and innovation (E&I), including (but not limited) to:
• Theoretical models, inspiring cases, good practices.
• The measurement of entrepreneurship and/or innovation.
• The use of survey, official statistics, big or other data for E&I policy purposes.
• Useful sectoral, local, regional, intra-regional, state-wide, cross-border, international analyses at the micro or macro level.
• The inception and implementation of systems that advance E&I.
• The development of tools, services, and observatories as means to further E&I.
• The role of any of the following in advancing E&I: institutions, culture, education, investments, funding, technology, science parks, incubators/accelerators, market/non-market ecosystems and/or specific E&I policies.
• The impact of E&I on economic and social development, and the environment.
• Western Greece and/or Puglia.

Looking forward to seeing you in Bari and Patras.