egov_INNO project overall is expected to enhance significantly the market intelligence on both territories (Greece – Italy) by promoting tools and platforms for joint cross-border initiatives. More specifically, the project will provide the following results:

For the regional business support administrations:

Better documentation and coordination of business support activities, o More efficient operation for business support activities, o More efficient utilization of public investment funds (targeting SMEs) and evaluation of the efficiency
Provision of important information to carefully design regional business support policies
Improved services for SMEs
Active policies on Environmental Protection, through concerted efforts to comply with international treaties and standards.

For the SMEs:

    • Transparency and Information on policies followed and their effectiveness, based on internationally recognized, measurable performance indicators, covering several policy areas
    • Access to high-value information on entrepreneurship and development in order to enable new and existing entrepreneurs to better plan their activities with targeted investments that are based on facts rather than intuition.
    • Participation in decision-making through public consultation processes, referenda and open discussions on and referring to specific and measurable, strategic goals.
    • Enhance their capacity to utilize innovation support services and clustering opportunities.
    • In relation with the program specific result indicator (level of capacity of businesses and innovation stakeholders to utilize the available innovation support services and clusters) the project is expected to contribute significantly based on the results presented above.

To achieve this, all actions will be tailored to cover specific business sectors and specific services provided to businesses in a way that the relevant public authorities will be able to maintain the applications after the project ending (e.g. in Western Greece the developed tools will be compatible with the current roadmap of a specific innovation support planning).

Project Duration

31/05/2018 – 21/05/2020

Project Budget

722.208,14 €